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Festival of Jiangsu & Colchester

22nd - 29th May 2021

The Festival of Jiangsu & Colchester 2021 will be a one week festival celebrating the rich diverse Chinese communities in Colchester and Tendering through online platforms from a range of events, community engagement and participation through online workshops.

The festival will be showcasing high-quality work with our partners in China - Jiangsu Performing Arts Group and Essex based Chinese artists through a range of performances including dance, music, and visual arts. Each day new events will be added to the festival website for people to watch at their own convenience. Our festival will engage with the long-established Chinese communities in Colchester and Tendering and also audiences in Jiangsu, China.

The festival will be a collaborative approach showcasing the very best of local, national, and international Chinese artists in Essex & Jiangsu. The festival is supported by Essex Cultural Diversity Project through the Connecting with Culture Programme with British Council (China). Colchester Chinese Culture Society  have built a strong international connection to showcase and support cultural exchanges between Essex & Jiangsu Province through new partnerships between Jiangsu Province and Colchester Chinese Colchester Society.

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