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Jiangsu festival in Essex

Colchester Chinese Culture Society (CCCS) were a major partner in the Jiangsu festival in Essex 2008 working in partnership with the Cultural Development team at Essex County Council

The Essex-Jiangsu Festival comprised a series of events and activities aimed at a wide variety of people across Essex including children, families and older people. Events took place in all 14 authorities in the county including Southend, who were an active partner in the festival, and Thurrock.  Where there was no direct engagement from partners in an authority, we endeavoured to programme events in schools, libraries or museums.

Events included; museum exhibitions, sports, storytelling, performances of music, dance, arts & craft workshops, lectures, book events, film events, language & philosophy and photography. Many of the events were free such as China Town, Photo Exhibitions and family events at the Libraries.

The Essex-Jiangsu Festival was a major achievement due to people and partners engaging with the strong festival theme.  At its core was the high level commitment by Essex County Council and the Jiangsu Provincial Government.  The support of the Provincial Government meant that performers and artefacts never before seen in the UK, were able to come to Essex including the Terracotta Warriors for example.  The context of the Games in Beijing and the beginning of the 2012 Olympiad also provided a strong theme.  

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